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=== Domestic corporal punishment ===
Vietnamese parents still using [[spanking]], [[caning]] or [[whipping]] as punishment for [[naughty]] [[juveniles]]. Familiar offenses which resulted corporal punishments are [[swearing]], [[truancy]], [[bad grade]] or [[bullying],... [[Boys]] are more likely to be caned than [[girls]]. A rattan cane, bamboo cane or cloth hanger is often used to punish their [[bare buttocks]]. Usually, boys and girls from the age of 5 can be spanked for minor offense, from the age of 6, parents can use implements such as a duster, bamboo cane on their [[bare bottom]]. For example, in 2012, one 10 years old boy was caned 20 strokes on his [[bare buttocks]] for stealing his mother's money. The society in Vietnam still agree that young children need discipline to become better citizen. There is one idiom in Vietnam: "Thương cho roi cho vọt, ghét cho ngọt cho bùi" which mean: "The person who whip your buttocks is the person who love you, the person who give you sweets is the person who hate you".
=== Judicial corporal punishment ===