Difference between revisions of "Strictly English"

*''Fax & Figures'' (E52 1996) 60 mins.
**James ([[Ivor Gold]]), proprietor of a fashion firm, has two contrasting employees, Samantha (Amber Scott) and Sarah (Susie), each exploiting him in her own way.
*''The First Time'' (E18) 103 mins.
*''The First Time'' (E18) 103 mins. ([https://onlyspanking.org/49495-the-first-time-strictlyenglishonline-sd-mp4.html photos])
**Adam auditions Carly for Strictly English and Debbie ([[Suzi Martell]]) re-enacts her own first spanking.
* ''For Being Impertinent'' (featuring Miss Chambers)
*''The German Au Pair'' (E30) 71 mins.