Difference between revisions of "Amelia Jane Rutherford"

*''Amelia Jane Rutherford 2: Auditions'', Part 2 & ''English Girl, English Cane'' (E40 2006) 60 mins.
**Amelia passes her audition; Professor Templeton completes her punishment.
*''Amelia Jane Rutherford 3: Her New Position'' (E48) 68 mins. ([https://onlyspanking.org/46503-amelia-jane-rutherford-vol-3-strictlyenglishonline-sd-mp4.html photos])
**As the office’s new ‘equality manager’, Amelia conspires to discredit Alan, a colleague, until computer technician Wilf threatens to expose her hypocrisy.
*''Amelia Jane Rutherford 4: Her Fantasies'' (E49) 68 mins.