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Stevie has two younger [[sister]]s, Veda (sometimes spelled Vada) and [[Skylar Rose]], who also work as spanking actresses. The sisters, as well as their [[mother]] and [[aunt]] have performed together in various combinations in the titles listed below.
* The Accidental Spanking (ATP Studios, 2021), Stevie belted by Skylar Rose, [https://onlyspanking.org/49659-the-accidental-spanking-stevie-rose-and-skylar-rose-assumethepositionstudios-hd-mp4.html photos]
* Breaking the Rules ([[Momma Spankings]], 2017), Stevie and sister Veda Rose punished together ([http://onlyspanking.org/16386-stevie-rose-miss-elizabeth-in-the-video-breaking-the-rules-mommaspankings-full-hd-mp4.html photos]).