Difference between revisions of "Strictly English"

*''Amateur Spankings'', Vol.1
**A compilation of informal scenes featuring Lucy Bailey, Aleesha Fox, Suzi Martell, Barbie Mel, and others.
*''Amelia Jane Rutherford 1: Auditions'' Part 1 & ''Amelia Jane and the Tutor'' (E39 2006) 62 mins. ([https://xhamster.com/videos/amelia-jane-rutherford-xhKzpJt full video])
**[[Amelia Jane Rutherford]] auditions for Strictly English; then, in the role of a student, she suffers the unorthodox motivational methods of Professor Ernest Templeton.
*''Amelia Jane Rutherford 2: Auditions'', Part 2 & ''English Girl, English Cane'' (E40 2006) 60 mins.