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**Cindy (Emma Brown) receives an ultimatum from her husband’s lawyer.
*''Double or Quits'' (E03 2002) 60 mins.
**Two tenants in arrears, Karen ([[Dublin O’Brien]]) and Penny ([[Sam Johnson]]), bet their bottoms on the toss of a coin against the unpaid rent.
**Prequel to ''Heads or Tails''
*''Enforcing the Rules'' (E61) 50 mins.
**Melanie (Barbie Mel) and Poppy are sent to the Headmaster for fighting.
*''Heads or Tails'' (E45) 60 mins.
**Karen ([[Dublin O’Brien]]) and Penny ([[Sam Johnson]]) continue to let their landlord spank them as an alternative to paying rent.
**Sequel to ''Double or Quits''
*''Hot and Sultry'' (E07) 39 mins.