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[[Image:Vintage bdsm photo chastity belt.jpg|thumb|[[Vintage]] BDSM photo (cropped) of a handcuffed woman wearing a chastity belt (c. 1920).]]
A '''chastity belt''' is a locking item of clothing that prevents the wearer from engaging in [[sexual intercourse]] and (sometimes) [[masturbation]] as well. Versions exist for both [[male]] and [[female]].
Chastity belts are sometimes used as an element of consensual [[BDSM]] practices. There tend to be two types — a lockable "[[belt]]" which is worn around the pelvis, or (for males) a "[[cage]]" type device which locks around the [[genitals]]. Male chastity belts prevent stimulation and [[erection]] to the genitals as well as [[orgasm]]. Both belts and cages include models which can be worn for some weeks, and some are made from strong plastics which are intended to be 'metal detector safe'.
Medically, modern chastity belts can be worn for relatively long periods of time, however they require careful fitting and adjustment, and if maladjusted can rub or (especially 'cage' types) compress the genitals of males in a very uncomfortable or potentially harmful manner. For this reason, it is important to test them carefully for wearability before relying upon them, and regularly thereafter check for signs of physical injury (bruising, edema, rubbing and chaffing, etc). In addition, when buying a belt, some designs of belt may be more suitable than others (particularly for well-endowed men), depending on physical size, body shape, and reason for buying.