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m (sometimes abbreviated '''M/s''',)
In longer, committed relationships many people opt for the '''Master/slave''' model, in which consent is negotiated once for a long period and the consent given is generally broader. Some people opt to be purely "sex slaves", while others who prefer domestic service identify as "service slaves". Some [[slave]]s allow their [[Master]]s or [[Mistress|Mistresses]] complete latitude as to the demands that can be placed on them.
Such a relationship is known as "[[Total Power Exchange]]" or TPE, where the slave has given all [[control]] to the dominant partner, whether with or without a [[slave contract|contract]]. Whereas in other forms of a Dominant/submissive relationship, the submissive tends to have more "rights", and be able to use their safeword to stop a scene, a slave may not have that luxury.
A Master/slave TPE relationship can be one of the most difficult relationships in the BDSM world to maintain, and requires special skills and experience, on both the Master's and slave's parts.