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A [[plot device]] is a technique [[author]]s use to affect or advance the plot. Examples of plot devices are the "[[cliffhanger]]" or "[[deus ex machina]]".
== 36 Dramatic Situations ==
Georges Polti outlines that there are only 36 possible dramatic situations. That also stories can be broken down to these plots. The key point here is that real difference is in the details of the story based variations on these plots.
# Supplication - Persecutor, Suppliant, a Power in Authority
# Deliverance - Unfortunates, Threatener, Rescuer
# Revenge - Avenger, Criminal
# Vengeance by Family upon Family - Avenging Kinsman, Guilty Kinsman, Relative
# Pursuit - Fugitive from Punishment, Pursuer
# Victim of Cruelty or Misfortune - Unfortunates, Master or Unlucky Person
# Disaster - Vanquished Power, Victorious Power or Messenger
# Revolt - Tyrant, Conspirator(s)
# Daring Enterprise - Bold Leader, Goal, Adversary
# Abduction - Abductor, Abducted, Guardian
# Enigma - Interrogator, Seeker, Problem
# Obtaining - Two or more Opposing Parties, Object, maybe an Arbitrator
# Familial Hatred - Two Family Members who hate each other
# Familial Rivalry - Preferred Kinsman, Rejected Kinsman, Object
# Murderous Adultery - Two Adulterers, the Betrayed
# Madness - Madman, Victim
# Fatal Imprudence - Imprudent person, Victim or lost object
# Involuntary Crimes of Love - Lover, Beloved, Revealer
# Kinsman Kills Unrecognised Kinsman - Killer, Unrecognised Victim, Revealer
# Self Sacrifice for an Ideal - Hero, Ideal, Person or Thing Sacrificed
# Self Sacrifice for Kindred - Hero, Kinsman, Person or Thing Sacrificed
# All Sacrificed for Passion - Lover, Object of Passion, Person or Thing Sacrificed
# Sacrifice of Loved Ones - Hero, Beloved Victim, Need for Sacrifice
# Rivalry Between Superior and Inferior - Superior, Inferior, Object
# Adultery - Deceived Spouse, Two Adulterers
# Crimes of Love - Lover, Beloved, theme of Dissolution
# Discovery of Dishonor of a Loved One - Discoverer, Guilty One
# Obstacles to Love - Two Lovers, Obstacle
# An Enemy Loved - Beloved Enemy, Lover, Hater
# Ambition - An Ambitious Person, Coveted Thing, Adversary
# Conflict with a God - Mortal, Immortal
# Mistaken Jealousy - Jealous One, Object of Jealousy, Supposed Accomplice, Author of Mistake
# Faulty Judgment - Mistaken One, Victim of Mistake, Author of Mistake, Guilty Person
# Remorse - Culprit, Victim, Interrogator
# Recovery of a Lost One - Seeker, One Found
# Loss of Loved Ones - Kinsman Slain, Kinsman Witness, Executioner
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