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(Leather flyswaters)
An example of the fly swatter in [[spanking art]] is found on [[Handprints]] [http://thehandprints.com/variouss0777.jpg here] (F/f). {{18+}}
== Leather flyswatersfly swatters ==
{{YouTube|<youtube width="250" height="200">S7pk8tVWUGo</youtube>|Bavarian boys performing a flyswatter spank dance ([[boy/boy|m/m]]).}}
File:Leather flyswatters.jpg|Leather flyswattersfly swatters
Image:Hahndorf fly swat.jpg|"Hahndorf fly swat and bumsmacker"
The "Hahndorf fly swat and bumsmacker" was discovered in the German heritage village Hahndorf in South [[Australia]]. madeMade in the shape of a human [[hand]], it doubles as a fun toy to smack a person's behind. Its producer is Leathersmith & Bush Gallery, 46 Main Street, Hahndorf, SA. The proprietors, John and Jenny Graham, seem to pride in their humour as much as in the quality of their products. Their slogan is, "We only use leather from vegetarian cows". The same shop also sells [[whip]]s, but the fly swatter is far more original.