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'''''Sting''''' and '''''thud''''' are terms [[spanking]] enthusiasts often use to refer to two ends of a spectrum of different kinds of [[pain]].
sting <------------------------------> thud
''Stingy'' [[spanking implement]]s produce a sharp sensation that is mostly felt on the [[skin]]. ''Thuddy'' implements, on the other hand, penetrate into deeper tissues and muscles. As a rule of thumb, the heavier an implement is, the thuddier it is.
Thin stingy implements, such as [[cane]]s, tend to produce [[welt]]s and, in extreme cases, can break the skin. Thuddy implements, such as wooden [[paddle]]s and heavy [[leather]] implements such as [[strap]]s or [[belt]]s, tend to leave [[bruise]]s and, in extreme cases, can do damage to bones (such as the [[pelvis]] or [[coccyx]]) or nerves.
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