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Drop-seats are also found in some [[long johns]].
== Web businesses ==
Several small businesses manufacture blanket sleepers on a small scale, and
market them on the web. A list of these follows. (Note that some of these
businesses cater specifically to people with sexual [[paraphilia]]s, and may
contain content that some people may find disturbing or offensive.)
* [http://www.footedpjs.com/ Footed PJs]
* [http://www.warmthwear.com/ Warmth Wear]
* [http://www.kozykomfy.com/ KozyKomfy]
* [http://www.snugasabug.com/ Snug As A Bug]
* [http://www.jumpinjammerz.com/ Jumpin Jammerz]
* [http://www.pajamacity.com/ Pajama City]
* [http://www.thepajamacompany.com/ The Pajama Company]
* [http://www.bigfeetpjs.com/ Big Feet Pajama Co.]
* [http://www.nightsinwhiteflannel.com/ Nights In White Flannel]
* [http://www.jamzoriginal.com/ Jamz Original]
* [http://www.gaggohaas.com/ GaggoHaas]
* [http://www.foreverakid.com/faksleepwear.html Forever A Kid]
* [http://www.ab-outfitter.com/products/pjs.html AB Outfitter]
* [http://dpf.stores.yahoo.net/footsleep.html DPF Store]
* [http://www.hbenterprise.co.uk/ HB Enterprises]
* [http://www.bytoni.co.uk/ BabyWear by Toni]
* [http://www.bobbiesdrop-seats.com/ Bobbie's DropSeats]
* [http://www.privatina.de.vu/ Privatina]
* [http://www.footed-pajamas.com/ Grenouilleres]
* [http://www.speciallyforyou.net/sfynight.html Specially For You]
* [http://www.special-clothes.com/ Special Clothes]
== See also ==