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[[Image:Denton.jpg|thumb|Vintage Advert]]
[[Image:Drop seat pajamas 1.jpg|thumb|Drop-seat pajamas, buttoned up...]]
[[Image:Drop seat pajamas 2.jpg|thumb|...and unbuttoned.]]
[[Image:Various811.jpg|thumb|"[[Corner time]]", drawing by [[Lawrence Kinden]].]]
'''Drop-seat pajamas''', also known as '''blanket sleepers''', '''footed pajamas''' or '''Dr. Denton's''', are a warm and comfortable one-piece [[nightwear|sleeping]] [[clothing|garment]] with long sleeves and legs, sometimes with attached booties, commonly worn by [[infant]]s and young [[child]]ren in the [[United States]] and [[Canada]].
* [http://www.speciallyforyou.net/sfynight.html Specially For You]
* [http://www.special-clothes.com/ Special Clothes]
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[[Image:Various811.jpg|thumb|"[[Corner time]]", drawing by [[Lawrence Kinden]].]]
Image:45135.jpg|Vintage Advert.
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