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[[Image:Handmade soap.jpg|thumb|A bar of handmade soap.]]
'''Soap''' is a substance used for [[cleaning]] and [[washing]] objects or people. It is solubile in [[water]]-solubile, but also dissolves and loosens [[fatgrease]] (andor [[oil]]) molecules that are stuck to a surface, which is where the cleaningreason propertiesfor ofits soap combined with water comecleaning frompowers.
Soap comes in solid and liquid form, in practically any [[color]] and often perfumed. Soap and water forms a [[foam]] called [[lather]]. [[Shampoo]] is a typesubstance ofsimilar to soap used for washing one's [[hair]].
Soap is not toxic, but has aan badunpleasant taste. This is one of the reasons why [[mouthsoaping]] is used as a [[punishment]]. Soap also irritates the eye and is very painful if it accidentally gets in your eye, which can easily happen when shampooing.
Warm/hot water combined with soap is used for [[bathing]], [[shower]]ing and sometimes for [[enema]]s.