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The [[Spanking Art]] Wiki proudly presents the first of what will hopefully become an interesting series of [[Spanking Art:Interviews|Interviews]] with contemporary [[spanking artist]]s from all countries, genres and styles!
* Interviewer: [[Spankart]]
* Interviewee: [[Drooaygah]]
* Date: February 2008
== Interview ==
Spankart: Hello Drooaygah, I feel honored that I may ask you some questions in the name of the spanking art fan community tonight. My first question is, would you like to share some personal information about you?
:Drooaygah: I'm an [[United States|American]] uber-WASP, college grad, professional, unmarried (but someday...)
S: When and how did you come to draw [[spanking drawing|spanking scenes]] and [[spanking comic|comics]]?
:D: That's a long story, but basically back in my teens I started to sketch out little spanking scenes. Then I drew a more polished one. I'd hide them in various drawers and what not. I drew a whole bunch of spanking drawings in the 80's and 90's – but almost all of them are now long gone since I would periodically become ashamed of them and destroy them. I really believed until I got on the [[internet]] in the late 90's that I was the only one in the world who did this kind of thing.
S: May I ask you about the background of your pen name?
:D: I wanted something unusual, with no particular meaning attached, and something I figured no one else would think of. "Druaga" is the name of a demon or monster in Babylonian mythology. I guess it's also been used in a videogame. I just sort of phoneticized it. I like it because it doesn't really mean anything.
S: What languages do you speak? Have you traveled abroad?
:D: English. Studied Spanish in high school, but can't recall much outside of "where's the bathroom?" I have not traveled outside even my [[home]] state in 30+ years.
S: Do you also work in other art forms, such as painting or writing?
:D: I like to [[writing|write]]. Lousy, lousy [[painter]] – totally inept. I play a little guitar and harmonica and sing – I love music.
S: Are you self-taught?
:D: Yes. Very little formal instruction (what I had didn't really take!)
S: What are your main sources of inspiration?
:D: Inspiration – drawing in general – [[comic]] books. Growing up, I was a comic book fiend and wanted to be a comic book artist (today, I'm actually very happy I didn't take that career path). My favorites were/are Jack Kirby, Steve Ditko, Mike Ploog, Berni Wrightson, Paul Gulacy, Gene Day – lots of others. My drawing doesn't look anything like any of theirs, though.
:What I learned from comic book artists is [[exaggeration]]. My stuff is exaggerated, even when it looks "[[realism|realistic]]." It's never realistic. I exaggerate [[proportions]], I exaggerate [[facial expression|expression]]s, [[pose]]s – hands are raised extra high, legs kicking, faces really distorted. It's action. Just like in the comics – when Captain America would punch someone, he wouldn't just give `em a poke in the face, they'd be knocked across the page. So a lot of that ACTION is something I try to get into my drawings.
:Spanking artists – the guy I think I most emulate is [[Ron Wilson]]. I don't draw like him at all, and I never used to think of him as such a big influence, but I realized awhile ago that we're very much alike in that (a) we both often work in series (b) we tell little stories in our pics (c) we both have a lot of text (captions and dialog) and (d) we both have a shared obsession with [[humiliation]], [[embarassment]], having friends/peers/siblings [[witness|see you get spanked]], etc.
S: What do you consider your most important works, and where did you share/publish them?
:D: Hmm ... I don't know if I'd call any of my drawings "important." They're just little silly things I do for fun and enjoyment and (hopefully) for the enjoyment of others who share my particular kink.
:In terms of milestones, I guess I'd pick "Classroom" because it's the first time I drew something for net publication, intended to be shared with others, and "Cynthia and the Aliens" because that's where I really started to learn to use [[Photoshop]] for coloring.
:I think my most successful, in terms of my being happy with them, are "The Three B's" just because I think/hope it really captures the scenario I wanted and the feelings I wanted, and "The Last Warning" for the same reason and because it tells a story, and I just think I did a pretty good job with the drawings (if I do say so myself). I'm also very fond of "Loving Correction," because I think it's poignant, maybe even a little sad, which is what I was after. That one seems to be one of my least popular, though.
:All of those were originally published on the "spankart" mailing list. They're all up on [[Handprints]], and I think "Classroom" is, too. They're also all in my gallery on [[Underground Animations]], as is "Cynthia and the Aliens." The first three are all up on [[Anime OTK]] as well.
S: Do you have plans to complete "Report Card Night" (which for those who haven't heard about it, is a nearly finished approximately 50-page MF/m spanking comic)?
:D: No, that's a dead project. I haven't drawn anything on it for more than a decade. I don't connect to it emotionally anymore.
S: What's the progress of "Cynthia Visits the Spankers", your current big work in progress?
:D: A little more than 2/3 of the way done. For those who don't know, that's a long comic book story (maybe I should call it a "graphic novel"?) about (duh!) a spanking. It's adapted from a prose story by the same name which I wrote and published on [[soc.sexuality.spanking]] years ago (you can look it up on [[Google]] – I was using a different alias then, but it's me). The pages so far have been seen by certain people. [[Handprince]] says he wants to host the whole thing on his site, so as an act of solidarity I'm not publishing any pages anywhere. So, if he still wants it when it's done then it'll be there. The pages are coming faster but completion is still a ways off. It's a very long, very ambitious project and I'll never attempt anything so huge again! I'm absolutely determined to finish it – then I may go into semi-retirement. We'll see.
S: Most of your works are in the "disciplinary girl spanking" category, typically [[F/f]]. What's about adult women characters that makes them your favourite [[spanker]]s, and about preteen girl characters that makes them your preferred [[spankee]]s?
:D: In my mind, a spanking is something that happens to you when you're a kid. When adults spank, it's basically a game, and at least somewhat [[consensual]]. When you're a kid, it's something that's inflicted on you and you're [[helplessness|helpless]]. I don't know about the spankers – it just depends – there's a different "feel" to an [[M/f]] versus an F/f, but the process by which one or the other is chosen is mysterious to me.
S: You once said, "that kid getting spanked is always ME." Can you explain this?
:D: My identification is 100% with the spankee. My drawings are illustrations of [[fantasy|fantasies]] and in my spanking-related fantasies, I'm a kid, a girl, getting the spanking. My drawings are kind of a way of experiencing or acting-out those fantasies of getting spanked.
S: Have you been spanked yourself as a kid?
:D: Yes, once. I do not think that made me a [[spankophile]], though.
S: When did you discover your interest in spanking?
:D: Hard to recall, exactly. Going back to earliest childhood, I had fantasies about various forms of exposure, humiliation, that sort of thing. I definitely remember one where myself and all my friends were being held prisoner in some kind of [[dungeon]], and we were all [[nudity|naked]] from the [[waist]] down – had [[shirt]]s on but no [[pants]], [[underwear]], [[shoe]]s, [[sock]]s. Certainly by 10 or 11 I was definitely fantasizing about spankings.
S: Are you, in real life, a spanker, a spankee, a switch, or none of these? Are you into [[ageplay]] or other [[roleplay]]?
:D: I would love to do ageplay or roleplay with the right partner, but have never done so. I think I would probably be a switch.
S: Are your drawings intended to show the edge where well-meaning correction meets, or turns into, sadistic [[cruelty]]?
:D: Not really. I don't take them that seriously. They're fantasies. My one spanking as a kid was probably like a couple minutes long and it was just my mom's hand! But as a kid it seemed much more epic. I always imagined it was like a half-hour long or something. What I'm depicting in my drawings isn't so much "spankings as they really were" – it's more like "spankings as kids remember (or [[fear]]fully imagine) them to be."
:I think the closest I've come to showing that "edge" would be "Loving Correction," where the religious imagery is all over and you've got this little statue of Jesus with children and the Christian parenting books in the foreground, and there's the girl praying and trembling with a pink bottom, and presumably [[crying]] while she prays for [[forgiveness]]. I think it pretty much expresses what I think about certain conservative Christians devotion to [[corporal punishment]], but I really didn't do the picture as a social commentary. It's just a compelling image for me.
S: You often draw the punished kid humiliated, embarassed, [[begging]], flooded in [[tear]]s, or crying out loud in [[pain]]. Is stirring [[compassion]] with the spankee important to you?
:D: The humiliation, the extreme anguish, and the tears (I love to draw exaggerated tears) are all part of the experience. I remember a spanking as very intensely [[emotion]]al (and that part is, I think, accurate). Since my identification is with the spankee, my compassion is there as well. As far as how the viewer reacts – well, it seems like a lot of people feel compassion for the spankee in my drawings, but I've also gotten comments of the "that's just what she deserves!" sort, so I guess compassion and identification are in the eye of the beholder.
S: Besides spanking, you also draw medical and [[enema art|enema scenes]]. Would you like to comment these?
:D: They come from the same place. Humiliation, exposure, pain, great emotional anguish. I had several such experiences as a kid – more than I did with spankings. I never got enemas (thank god!!) but I did get [[injection|shots]] in the butt (as I imagine most of us did) etc. They weren't a lot of fun but I found by 10 or 11 that I fantasized about those, too. At the time I thought I must be quite messed up to have such fantasies, but now I know they're very common.
S: What do you see as the main differences between a sexual [[fetish]] that revolves around the fantasy of children getting spanked (or otherwise [[punishment|punished]]), [[consensual spanking|consensual adult spanking]], and [[pedophilia]]?
:D: Okay, this might get a little long since that's a complex question.
:As far as pedophilia – pedophilia is being sexually attracted to children. A lot of people don't know that – I know many people that think [[homosexuality|homosexuals]] are inherently pedophiles – which couldn't be further from the truth.
:Speaking only for myself, there is nothing sexy or exciting to me about a kid. I like kids just fine. My fantasies aren't about a child, they're about a spanking. And the person getting the spanking happens to be a [[preteen|pre-teen]] (usually about 10 or 11 – not very suprisingly about the same age I was when I became truly conscious of my fetish), because I think of spanking as something that happens to when you're a kid.
:Now, are there spankophiles who are also pedophiles? I'm sure there are. And might such people dig my drawings? I'm sure some would. That's outside my control. But my drawings are not meant to sexualize the spankee, and they do not depict [[sexual]] situations.
:The adult issue is something I've addressed, but again, I think it's about consensuality and [[control]]. A consensual spanking between adults just can't possibly reach the level of intensity of when you're a kid, and someone bigger, stronger and with [[authority]] is spanking you.
S: Thank you so much for taking the time for this interview!
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