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==Spanking magazines and videos==
In 1979 he worked as a fetish photographer for the [[spanking magazine]] [[Janus]]. In 1982 he left ''Janus'' to create his own magazine ''[[Kane]]'', described as "The CP Journal of Fantasy, Fact and Fiction for Adults."
In 1987 he produced and directed a 9-minute spanking film for Janus called ''Warden's End'' starring popular actress/model Linzi Drew. The film shows the outside and inside of the Janus storefront office on Old Compton Street, London. ([http://fapdu.com/linzi-drew-warden-end-classic See video])
He also created the Kane International Videos division and went on to direct (and sometimes also perform in) manya number of corporal punishment videos in the '80s and '90s. Some of his videos include: ''The Spanking Academy of Dr. Blunt'', ''Stinging Tales'', and ''Spanker's Paradise'' (1 & 2) in 1992 with English porn star [[Vida Garman]].
Selected list of videos:
*French Maids Flogging (1994)
*Naughty Schoolgirls Revenge (1994)
*Rawhide (1994)
*Whip Tricks (1993)
*Maidens in Uniform (1992)
*Spanking Academy of Dr Blunt (1992)
*Spanker's Paradise (1992), distributed in the U.S. by [[Bizarre Video]]
*Spanker's Paradise 2, aka The Rules of The Game (1992), with English porn star [[Vida Garman]].
*Stinging Tails (1992)
*Just Desserts (1991)
*Kane Assignment (1991)
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