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Marks expanded on his basic concept of combining beautiful nude women with fantasy scenarios for a series of exploitation films. The first was ''Naked as Nature Intended'' (1961), a nudist camp romp that was typical of the period. This was followed by the episodic historical fantasy ''The Naked World of Harrison Marks'' (1965).
His next film, ''Pattern of Evil'' (1968), had ana darker S&M theme and controversial explicit sex scenes. This was made to compete with the "roughie" [[sexploitation film]]s being made in America. This film, which appears to be lost, was banned in the UK. It was released in the U.S. in 1971 as ''Fornicon.''
Marks returned to nudie-cutie comedies for ''The Nine Ages of Nakedness'' (1969) and ''Come Play With Me'' (1977). His preference for photographing and filming large-breasted women led to his being dubbed "The English Russ Meyer".
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