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But the Italian-made jungle films are far more brutal than anything produced in the U.S. ''Escape from Hell'', aka ''Escape'' (1979) is especially nasty with lots of "roughie" sex and harsh whipping. The sequel, ''Hotel Paradise'' (1980) has an astonishing scene with two women bound face-to-face and vigorously lashed with a bullwhip.
''Bamboo House of Dolls'' (19721973), a Hong Kong import, is perhaps the first WWII Japanese prison camp exploitation film. Here a female prisoner gets a severe public whipping. (In 1986 Susan Sarandon suffers a similar, but milder, bamboo thrashing in ''Women of Valor'', a TV movie .)
{{YouTube|<youtube width="250" height="200">ns_WUbanGZw</youtube>|Pam Grier birched in ''Women in Cages'' (1972).}}