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'''Red Tails''' ("The International Male Spanking Magazine") is a [[spanking magazine]] specializing in [[M/M]] contents. It is published since 1992 by [[Man's Hand Films]], a Californian M/M [[spanking video producer|spanking video company]] that was founded in the late 1970s by John Stewart. Man's Hand Films used to be based in [[San Francisco]] but moved headquarters to Los Angeles in 2000.
Red Tails features the work of artists such as [[C. of Sweden]] and [[Copper]]. The magazine is published quarterly and has 60 pages.
== Camp Red Tails ==
Man's Hand also hosts '''Camp Red Tails''', a weekend for M/M spanking enthusiasts at a private campsite in Northern California.
== Links ==
* [http://www.manshandfilms.com/newtails.html Red Tails Magazine] {{18+}}
* [http://www.manshandfilms.com/oldtails.html Red Tails Archive] {{18+}}
* [http://www.manshandfilms.com/camp.html Camp Red Tails] {{18+}}