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The format is loosely based on reality TV shows such as ''The People's Court'', ''Judge Judy'', et al. They have a fully-appointed courtroom, a no-nonsense judge (Judge Birch), a holding cell, uniformed officers, and a Sentencing Room with a padded [[spanking bench]] where the court-ordered punishments are administered.
Real Spanking Court claims that all its cases are authentic and that they settle disputes "between spanko’s[[spanko]]s and non-spanko’sspankos alike". They invite visitors to their website to apply for a court session. The hearings are for minor civil and domestic disputes, rather than actual criminal cases.
In this regard, they are similar to the [[Raven Hill Studios]] ''Resolved by Corporal Punishment'' series which also settles small claims cases outside of an actual court.
==Types of disputes ==