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There are professional and hobby authors, and in literature you often can not draw a clear line of distinction between them. A simple definition is that if you make your living with writing, you're a professional author. Unfortunately, this excludes most commercially published [[fiction]] authors, most of whom must have a "day job" to support themselves. Another definition is that if you have been published in [[book]] form by a commercial [[publisher]] (not a [[Wikipedia:Vanity press|vanity press]], nor a self-publication), then you're a professional author.
== Co-authorship ==
A '''co-author''' is a person who shares authorship of a work with one or more other people. It is often not easy to tell which of the identified co-authors contributed particular portions of a work, or how the various co-authors interacted and modified each other's contributions. In absence of other information it is usual to assume that each co-author contributed equally to a work.
Examples of authors who often write [[spanking story|spanking stories]] with other co-authors are [[SamPast]], [[Don A. Landhill]], [[HuggedLots]], and [[Kayley]].
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