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The school administration may also decide to administer a paddling in other cases, particularly for fighting, except where parents have signed a form requesting exemption from corporal punishment. In the latter case, alternative discipline will be assigned, which may include suspension.<ref name="handbook">[http://hs.drewcentral.org/handbook/handbook08_09.pdf Drew Central High School Student Handbook.]</ref>
The district also operates the Drew County School-Within-A-School (SWAS) Program, a [[boot camp]] providing an alternative to long-term suspension or expulsion of junior high and high school aged students in the Drew Central and Monticello School Districts. Students are exposed to a rigorous program of [[physical training]], leadership development, community service and academics in a highly disciplined environment. The program is staffed by full-time certified police officers.<ref>[http://hs.drewcentral.org/bootcamp/boot.htm Drew County School-Within-A-School Program.]</ref>
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