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'''Drew Central High School''' is a public secondary school in Monticello, [[USA|Arkansas]]. It is part of Drew Central School District, which was established in 1927 and covers 570 square miles, all in rural Drew County, from where all the students are bussed into Monticello. Monticello itself is not in Drew Central School District, but forms a district of its own, Monticello School District.<ref>[http://hs.drewcentral.org/history.htm History of the Drew Central Schools.]</ref> This means that the school is in the unusual position of being located outside the boundaries of the school district it serves.
The Principal of the High School is Ms. Melissia Vincent. The district's other schools are the Elementary School and the Middle School. All three share the same campus in Monticello.
At the High School, there are some 400 students in grades 7 to 12. The average class size is less than 25.<ref>[http://hs.drewcentral.org/about_dchs.htm Drew Central Quick Facts.]</ref>
The school participates in the Arkansas Scholars program of the Arkansas Business and Education Alliance.
In the case of tardies, the corporal punishment option is available only after the third tardy in each nine-week grading period. After a sixth tardy the student is assigned to In-School Suspension.
The school administration may also decide to administer a paddling in other cases, particularly for fighting, except where parents have signed a form requesting exemption from corporal punishment. In the latter case, alternative discipline will be assigned, which may include suspension.<ref name="handbook">[http://hs.drewcentral.org/handbook/handbook08_09.pdf Drew Central High School Student Handbook.]</ref>
The district also operates the Drew County School-Within-A-School (SWAS) Program, a [[boot camp]] providing an alternative to long-term suspension or expulsion of junior high and high school aged students in the Drew Central and Monticello School Districts. Students are exposed to a rigorous program of [[physical training]], leadership development, community service and academics in a highly disciplined environment. The program is staffed by full-time certified police officers.<ref>[http://hs.drewcentral.org/bootcamp/boot.htm Drew County School-Within-A-School Program.]</ref>
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