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[[File:Bilder aus der Geschichte des Grauen Klosters 3.jpg|thumb|250px|Vintage postcard (German?).]]
A '''convent school''' is a [[school]] that is part of a convent, particularly in the Roman [[Catholic]] Church and in the Anglican Communion. Convent schools were among the first schools in Europe to educate [[girl]]s (by [[nun]]s, such as in the Ursulines order (since 1535) and the Religious of the Sacred Heart of Mary (1849). Today, there are convent schools both for boys and for girls.
Convent schools are traditionally known to place high emphasis on [[discipline]] and [[obedience]]. To this end, [[corporal punishment]] in these schools was common and severe, compared to secular schools of the same eras and places. In convent schools for girls, the teachers are traditionally [[nun]]s.
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