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* W. Floger (G. Whips, artist)
(* W. Floger (G. Whips, artist))
[[File:Flogger poker de dames 01.jpg|thumb|Illustration by [[Jim Black]] from ''Poker de Dames'' (1929).]]
'''A. W. Flogger''' ('''Arthur William Flogger''') was the [[pseudonym]] of an unknown [[author]] who wrote the [[spanking novel]]s:
* ''Les Confidences d'un baronnet (Lady Buttock)'' (Paris, [[Collection des Orties Blanches]], 1929), illustrated by Jim Black ([[Luc Lafnet]]). The original manuscript on which this novel is based and from which it was translated is known as ''Flogger papers'', co-authored by [[Lady Buttock]].
* ''Poker de Dames'' is a continuation of ''Les Confidences d'un baronnet''. It was also published in 1929 by Collection des Orties Blanches and also illustrated by Jim Black.
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* [[W. Floger]] (G. Whips, artist)
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