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<blockquote>"The following contrivance would, in a measure, obviate this inconvenience:---A machine might be made, which should put in motion certain elastic rods of cane or whalebone, the number and size of which might be determined by the law: the body of the delinquent might be subjected to the strokes of these rods, and the force and rapidity with which they should be applied, might be prescribed by the Judge: thus everything which is arbitrary might be removed. A public officer, of more [[responsibility|responsible]] character than the common executioner, might preside over the infliction of the punishment; and when there were many delinquents to be punished, his time might be saved, and the terror of the scene heightened, without increasing the actual suffering, by increasing the number of the machines, and subjecting all the offenders to punishment at the same time."</blockquote>
In ''Mistress Masham's Repose'', T. H. White speculated on a similar device to apply [[bastinado]] automatically. Since that book is a parody of (as well as sequel to) ''Gulliver's Travels'', the same sprit of the early Age of Reason as in the Bentham quote is plausablyplausibly invoked.
== Gallery 1: Vintage spanking machine drawings ==