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== Boxing the ears in BDSM ==
{{YouTube|9kFfX-36zSw|[[wikipedia:Co-sleeping|Co-sleeping]] speciality shop (ソイネ屋~添い寝専門店~ Soineya) in [[wikipedia:Akihabara|Akihabara]]}}
Boxing the ears is often frowned on in the [[spankophile]] community and is rarely found in [[spanking novel]]s and other works of this genre. However it is popular among some [[BDSM]] practitioners, especially in [[D/s]] relationships.
Due to the absence of a good word in their own language, the German [[spanking scene]] has in fact started to use the English word (''Spanking'', with the germanized verb ''spanken''), as can be seen in their [[website]]s such as ''Spanking-Oase'', ''Spankodrom'' or ''Spankingfreunde''.
== LinkLinks ==
* [http://www.juliaisliving.blogspot.co.at/2009/04/i-will-give-you-this-painting-that-i.html I will give you this painting that I spent alot of time on and put alot of effort into if you will slap me in the face] [[wikipedia:Performance art|performance art]] by Julia Claire Wallace ([[wikipedia:Blogger (service)|Blogspot]]: April 10, 2009)
* [http://www.thetimes.co.uk/tto/news/world/asia/article3567373.ece Café where £8 buys a cuddle or a face slap] – by [[wikipedia:Richard Lloyd Parry|Richard Lloyd Parry]] ([[wikipedia:The Times|The Times]]: October 13, 2012)
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