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==Uniform and discipline==
The all-white school uniform is compulsory. The full uniform is a white short-sleeved shirt with the school badge pinned on the top left hand corner above the shirt pocket, white short trousers (for lower secondary students) or white long trousers (for upper secondary), white school socks with the shamrock logo, white canvas shoes, and a tie. Students wear the school tie every morning for assembly. The shirt must be tucked in. Details of the uniform are set out in the school's Rules and Regulations.<ref name="rules">[http://www.stpatricks.moe.edu.sg/about-us.aspx?Id=Rules%20And%20Regulations#4 Rules and Regulations: Uniform], St Patrick's School, 2010.</ref>
For physical education lessons, students change into their PE attire, which is a white vest (for lower secondary students) or a black vest (for upper secondary students) and the shorts with the shamrock logo and SPS sewn on it. The vest has ''I love St. Pat's'' printed at the back.
St Patrick's School was beset by discipline problems such as truancy in the 1990s but these are now said to be in the past. [[Corporal punishment]] has always been a feature of the disciplinary system, whereby the offending student receives a number of strokes with a rattan cane across the [[buttocks|seat of his uniform trousers]].<ref>"St Pat's turns 75 and is far wiser", ''The Straits Times'', 30 August 2008.</ref> The current Rules and Regulations state that students found in possession of cigarettes, lighters or matches will be caned and referred to the Smoking Control Unit of the Ministry of Health.<ref>[http://www.stpatricks.moe.edu.sg/about-us.aspx?Id=Rules%20And%20Regulations#8 Rules and Regulations: Smoking], St Patrick's School, 2010.</ref> Many other offences are also punished with caning, including fighting and latecoming. The canings are usually delivered in the General Office by Mr Thompson ([[HOD Discipline]]) or Mr Irwan, or by the Vice-Principal Mr Yong. In some more serious cases, boys may be caned in front of their class, or even the whole school, but this is not nearly so common. A typical morning sees latecomers reporting to the office for immediate discipline (one stroke) before going to class. For smoking, fighting, pornography or other offences, the typical penalty is two or three very hard strokes, causing pain for several hours, and weals across the boy's buttocks lasting for a few days. The previous Principal, Mr Lak, also administered corporal punishment himself and was sometimes seen carrying a rattan cane.
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