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'''Preset Pacesetters Senior High School''', formerly '''Present Pacesetters Institute''', is a [[private school|private]] co-educational [[boarding school]] in Madina, a suburb of Greater Accra in [[Ghana]]. It was founded in 1996. In 1999 it received National Accreditation Board authority to run the national 3-year Senior [[secondary school|High School]] programme which leads to the Senior Secondary School Certificate Examination (SSSCE). There are now 1,500 students[[student]]s enrolled.<ref>History page, Preset Pacesetters SHS.</ref>
Core subjects taught are English, Maths, Integrated Studies and ICT. There are no age restrictions, but
most students are aged 14 to 16 when they first join the school. Admission is solely on merit, based on the student's performance in the Basic Education Certificate Examination of the West African Examination Council.<ref>Handbook, Preset Pacesetters SHS.</ref>
There are separate [[dormitory|boarding houseshouse]]s for boys[[boy]]s and girls[[girl]]s. The school's prospectus states that the boarding houses are "managed by experienced and strict masters[[housemaster|master]]s and mistresses".
Assembly takes place every morning from 7.00 am to 7.20 am. The school day ends at 3.20 pm. Students must be back in their boarding houses by 3.30 pm.
== Uniform ==
The [[school uniform|uniform]] for girls is a yellow blouse with khaki skirt. Boys must wear a yellow shirt with khaki shorts. All uniforms are provided directly by the [[school]].
== Discipline ==
The school states that it requires of its students "discipline, hard work and determination". [[Corporal punishment]] is lawful in Ghanaian schools.
Preset Pacesetters SHS sets out some examples of offences[[offence]]s and punishments[[punishment]]s in its Rules and Regulations web page:
* Improper dressing e.g. wearing of rings -- [[Extra chores|Sweeping]] a [[classroom]] for one (1) week plus [[caning]].
* Refusal to do or complete teacher's punishment -- Caning at assembly in front of the whole School plus doing the given punishment.
* Cheating during examination or class test -- Cancelling of papers plus caning.
* Exchange of words or verbal attack on members of staff -- 2two weeks suspension plus caning, and bring parents[[parent]]s to sign bond of good behaviour.
* Noise making/hooting during school gatherings or in the classrooms -- Sweeping a classroom for 2two weeks plus caning.
* Refusal to put on the required school belt (unisex) -- Scrubbing the school dustbin for two (2) days plus caning.
* Altering figures on School fee cards and receipts -- Scrubbing the school dustbin for two (2) Weeksweeks, plus caning in front of the whole School.
== References ==
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