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Pasir Ris uses corporal punishment in the form of [[caning]] (for male students only) to maintain good standards of behaviour. A typical punishment is two to four strokes with a long cane administered, usually by Mr Ow, across the seat of the student's trousers as he bends over. This is often done in front of the boy's classmates. On some occasions it has been carried out in front of the whole student body as a "last resort".<ref>[http://www.corpun.com/sgs00601.htm#17271 "Schools left to decide on students' discipline: Education Ministry"], ''Channel News Asia'', Singapore, 26 January 2006.</ref>
Another punishment that has been used in recent years is when senior boys, especially those in secondary 4 (age about 16) or secondary 5 (age about 17), are made to go back into lower-secondary (short trousers) uniform for a period, typically for a given number of weeks or until the end of term. This is punishment for certain kinds of immature behaviour or for persistent lateness. Mr Ow keeps a stock of these shorts in different sizes in the school office for this purpose.