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[[Image:Pcrg303x.jpg|thumb|Hands-on-knees spanking position.]]
'''Assume the position''' is a [[command]] that instructs a person to prepare themselves for receiving [[corporal punishment]] on their [[buttocks]] by assuming a defined [[spanking position]]. The command is typically used in the context of a formalized chastisement, most notably in the context of [[fraternity and sorority spanking]]. In some fictional contexts, such as the film [[Dead Poets' Society]], it also appears in a [[school]] setting orbut it is not known whether this occurred in real life. Anecdotal evidence suggests that in real life the contextphrase of"Bend [[fraternityover" was more the norm, just as in the UK and sororitythe spanking]]British Commonwealth.
The typical position to assume is [[bent-over position|bent over]], with their hands holding onto their [[Hands-on-knees position|knees]] or [[Grabbing-ankles position|ankles]]. The chastisement given is usually either a [[caning]] (such as the classic "[[six of the best]]") or a [[paddling]].