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[[Image:Pcrg303x.jpg|thumb|Hands-on-knees spanking position.]]
'''Assume the position''' is a [[command]] that instructs a person to prepare themselves for receiving [[corporal punishment]] on their [[buttocks]] by assuming a defined [[spanking position]]. The command is typically used in the context of a formalized chastisement, most notably in the context of [[fraternity and sorority spanking]]. In some fictional contexts, such as the film ''[[Dead Poets' Society]]'', it also appears in a [[school]] setting but it is not known whether this occurred in real life. Anecdotal evidence suggests that in real life the phrase "Bend over" was more the norm, just as in the UK and the British Commonwealth.
The typical position to assume is [[bent-over position|bent over]], with their hands holding onto their [[Hands-on-knees position|knees]] or [[Grabbing-ankles position|ankles]]. The chastisement given is usually either a [[caning]] (such as the classic "[[six of the best]]") or a [[paddling]].
Two mainstream films that show this command (and position) being used during fraternity and sorority paddlings are ''[[Animal House]]'' (1978) and ''[[Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-o-Rama]]'' (1988).