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'''Child spanking photos''' are [[photograph]]ic depictions of a [[child]] being [[spanked]]. See also [[Spanking in photography]].
Such photos are found, for example, as [[illustration]]s in [[parenting book]]s, in news and articles about child discipline, on vintage [[spanking postcard|humorous postcards]], [[stereoview]]s and in [[advertisement]]s. They are often posed, i.e. the child in the photo is not really being spanked. The website [[World Corporal Punishment Research]] features a collection of examples of child spanking photos, mainly from news media around the world but also from other sources, such as photos that were taken in [[school museum]]s while punishment methods of the past were reenacted for demonstration. People also often take photos of [[fun spanking]]s such as [[birthday spanking]]s at home or in the [[classroom]]. Examples of these are found in public web albums on the Internet.
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