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'''NCNon-consensual''', is ansometimes [[abbreviation|abbreviated]] that stands for '''non-consensualNC'''. It is also sometimes spelledor '''N/C'''. Non-consensual, means that at least one of the participants in a certain activity is being forced to engage in that activity against his or her will. For example, [[rape]] is a non-consensual form of [[sexual intercourse]], because the [[victim]] is being forced to have sex.
== NCNon-consensual spanking ==
When used in reference to [[spanking]], non-consensuality means that the [[spankee]] is forced to accept the punishment. This is the normal situation in any spanking given for real [[punishment]] ([[disciplinary spanking]]) and not for the fun or erotic pleasure of the participants. Nearly all [[spanking of children]], whether [[domestic spanking]] or [[school spanking]], is non-consensual, and so is [[judicial corporal punishment]]. The very nature of punishment is that it is imposed on the [[delinquent]] against his or her will.