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'''Non-consensual''', sometimesalso spelled '''nonconsensual''' and [[abbreviation|abbreviated]] '''NC''' or '''N/C''', means that at least one of the participants in a certain activity is being forced to engage in that activity against his or her will. For example, [[rape]] is a non-consensual form of [[sexual intercourse]], because the [[victim]] is being forced to have sex.
== Non-consensual spanking ==
A [[consensual]] spanking, on the other hand, is one where the spankee submits freely to the spanking. This is the normal case in [[BDSM]] and [[spankophile]] forms of spanking such as [[fun spanking]], [[sensual spanking]], [[erotic spanking]] or [[therapeutic spanking]].
In the case that the spankee is [[submissive]] and accepts their punishment [[cooperation|cooperatively]] and [[obedience|obediently]], it can be a little difficult to decide whether the spanking is consensual or non-consensual because there is little or no force visible. But in the general, ita spanking is only called consensual when the spankee consents completely freely without any pressure or [[fear]]; in all other cases it is called non-consensual even if the spankee co-operates without any protest.
While the [[spankophile]] community shares the ideal of full consensuality in all [[real life]] scenarios ([[SSC]]), non-consensuality plays a central role in [[spanking fiction]]. "NC" is used in the subject lines of [[BDSM story|BDSM]] and [[spanking story|spanking stories]] to inform and warn the reader that the [[story]] features non-consensual BDSM or spanking action.