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[[File:Pcpw104q.jpg|thumb|The marks of six cuts, also known as [[six of the best]].]]
The word '''cut''' has different meanings:
* A ''cut'' can be a cut in [[paper]], [[vegetable]], or similar material.
* A ''cut'' can be a type of [[skin]] [[injury]].
* A ''cut'' can refer to a [[haircut]] (e.g. [[crew cut]], [[bob cut]], [[bowl cut]]).
* A ''cut'' can refer to the style or shape of a [[garment]].
* In [[corporal punishment]], especially when the implement is hard and thin like a [[cane]] or [[switch (implement)|switch]], the individual strikes are sometimes called ''cuts''. This usage may be British English.
* In [[school]]ing, to ''cut school'' refers to [[truancy]] and is possibly a spankable offense.
* To be ''cut'' is a slang term for male [[circumcision]].
* ''Cut and paste'' is a common technique in [[computing]].
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