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A few of the latter films explored [[BDSM]] themes. ''Perchance to Scream'' (1967) and ''The Lash'' (1968) involve captive girls who are chained up in a medieval dungeon and whipped. ''Macabre'' (1968) features a leather-clad dominatrix who whips a male slave. And ''1 & 2 Make 3'' (1968) is about two girls in leather who encounter a violent intruder. Some of these recreated scenes from his full-length movie ''Pattern of Evil''.
By the late 1970s he was selling Super 8mm spanking loops (100ft in length) in ''[[Janus]]'' magazine. An issue from 1977 promoted four of his titles, ''Whiplash, Bottoms Up, Flagellation'', and [http://yeowchspanking.blogspot.com/2013/09/retro-spanking-hot-ass-in-super-8mm.html?zx=8cc4389bbb73676f ''Hot Ass''], for £12 each.
==Feature films==