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{{BBB|gallery1|12|AfterTheSpanking_thumbH.jpg|"After the Spanking", artwork by Franco.}}
({{BBB|gallery1|12|AfterTheSpanking_thumbH.jpg|"After the Spanking", artwork by Franco.}})
[[Image:Francesco Primaticcio 2.jpg|thumb|300px|A [[satyr]] (to the right) with an erection. [[Engraving]] by [[Francesco Primaticcio]] (1504 – 1570).]]
[[Image:Zanzão pene.jpg|thumb|Not the best image either, but you get the idea...]]
{{BBB|gallery1|12|AfterTheSpanking_thumbH.jpg|"After the Spanking", artwork by [[Franco]].}}
The '''erection''' of the [[penis]], [[clitoris]] or a [[nipple]] is its enlarged and firm state. It depends on a complex interaction of psychological, neural, vascular and endocrine factors. The ability to maintain the erectile state is key to the reproductive system and many forms of life could not reproduce in a natural way without this ability.