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'''The Real Spanking Court''' (later shortened to The Spanking Court) is a Southern California [[spanking company]] that producesonce produced reality-based [[M/F]] [[spanking video]]s using a courtroom setting. The company was formed in 2009 by Alpine[[Katarina SierraKaufmann]], Studios.aka VideosCali areKatarina, soldwho throughalong itswith members-onlyher website.Dom Aand freepartner, sampleran videoAlpine isSierra availableStudios onand theirits homesister pagesite, Sternwood Academy (about a naughty girls’ school).
The company's videos were originally sold through a members-only website. Sometime around 2013 Alpine Sierra Studios ceased production. The entire library of Spanking Court and Sternwood Academy videos is being restored and distributed through online Clips4Sale stores.
==Reality TV format==
* [[Court]]
* [[Judge]]
== Links ==
*[http://www.spankingcourt.com/home.php 'The Real Spanking Court]
*[http://www.alpinesierrastudios.com/Home_Page.html Alpine Studios]