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In the [[United Kingdom]] before corporal punishment in schools was abolished, records show that smoking was one of the offences for which [[caning]] was most frequently administered at secondary level, particularly for boys in their middle teens. This became an especially frequent issue after the raising of the school leaving age to 16 in 1972.
==Spanking videos ==
Selected videos in which teenage girls (including uniformed [[schoolgirl]]s) [[caught in the act]] of smoking get punished by a parent, teacher, and even fellow students.
* Adriana’s Tales of Spanking Part 2 ([[Punished Brats]]), "Up In Smoke" segment.
* Caught Smoking ([[Spanked Cheeks]]) [http://www.spankingtube.com/video/40884/caught-smoking video clip]
* Mrs. Geists's Class ([[Mood Pictures]]), schoolgirls caught smoking by other students blackmailed into getting paddled.
* Sister Caught Drinking and Smoking (Lily Starr Spanking), [http://www.spankingtube.com/video/4270/caught-drinking-and-smoking-kisa-elaine-spanks-lily video clip]
* A Smoking Hot Bottom for Chloe Rogers ([[Sound Punishment]]), [[schoolgirl]] caught smoking.
* A Trio of Tales ([[Chelsea Pfeiffer Entertainment]]), Tale Three: "Caught Cheating"
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