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'''Richard Windsor''' (born 1963) is a single Englishman and lifelong [[spankophile]] ([[spanker]]) livingwho currently resides in [[New York]].
Windsor was possibly affiliated with the spanking magazine [[Swish (magazine)|Swish]] which was published between 1978 and 1995. He has worked as a [[spanking actor]] ([[Punished Brats]], [[Momma Spankings]], [[Spank That Brat]], et al.), [[spanking video producer]], blogger and interviewer, among other things.
== Selected video titles ==
==Punished Brats videos ==
Produced by House of Richard Windsor:
* Amber Grey –The Girl Next Door
* A Bratty Girl ([[Sarah Gregory]], [[Dana Specht]])
* The Cheeky Babysitter
* Schoolgirl Blues
* Snack Bar Blues
* The Lazy Maid
* Ten - The Sassy P.A.
==[[Punished Brats]] videos ==:
* Girl Trouble 4
* Girl Trouble 7
* Leia Ann Woods – British Brat ([[Leia Ann Woods]])
* Pixie’s Fantasies ([[Amber Wells]])
* Pixie’s Fantasies –Vol 2