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* [http://www.lambiek.net/artists/l/lerallic.htm Etienne Le Rallic] - brief biography on Le Rallic's work as a comic creator
* [http://lerallic.free.fr/version_anglaise/index.htm Etienne Le Rallic] - a website on the artist with a brief biography, a photo, and other information (auto-translated from [http://lerallic.free.fr/ the original French version])
* [http://vintagewww.eroticvisionsvintagefetishart.eucom/artists/etiennelerallic.html Etienne Le Rallic] on [[Vintage Visions]]
* [http://www.spanking-fessee.com/2009/07/dessinateur-de-la-fessee-etienne-le.html Etienne Le Rallic] on [[Le journal de la fessée]]
* [https://parisolympiapress.com/2015/07/25/books-for-trade-du-loup-armand-la-volupte-du-fouet-paris-aux-editions-prima-1938-illustrated-by-r-fanny-le-rallic/ Books for Trade: DU LOUP, ARMAND – La Volupté du Fouet Paris, Aux Editions Prima. 1938 Illustrated by R.Fanny (Le Rallic)]