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A '''fly swatter''' is an instrument used to [[swat]] flies and other insects such as mosquitoes. Most fly swatters today are made of plastic. The swatting end is perforated like a sieve or grid to reduce the air resistance (to swat faster) and to counteract the 'air cushion' effect that a non-perforated surface would have, which would help the insect to escape sideways.
Fly swatters can also be used for [[spanking]], although they are not too popular for this purpose compared to other "[[pervertible]]" household items (such as [[hairbrush]]es or [[wooden spoon]]s, for example).
Fly swatters are rather lightweight and produce mostly ''[[sting]]'' and little or no ''[[thud]]''. In other words, the [[pain]] felt is a sharp sensation on the skin and does not reach the deeper tissue and muscles.