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* In the CW network TV series ''[[iZombie]]'' (“Return of the Dead Guy”, 3:10, June 2017), a role-playing character spanks star Rose McIver with a fly swatter.
* Carl Spanks Ava ([[Amateur Spankings]]), [http://www.amateurspankings.com/videos/tags/flyswatter photos]
* Emily in Pajamas ([[Amateur Spankings]]), [http://www.amateurspankings.com/videos/3172/emily-in-pajamas photos]
* The Flyswatter ([[Amateur Spankings]])
* New Year Spanking ([[Amateur Spankings]])
* Paige Spanks Sammy ([[Amateur Spankings]])
* Lacy Gets The Fly Swatter ([[Amateur Spankings]])