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== Genitals and spanking ==
Due to the [[Undressingundressing]] exposesthat thehappens prior to a [[spanking]], genitals dueare totypically theexposed. areaThe beingamount coveredof bythis [[exposure]] varies depending on the same[[spanking clothingposition]] thatchosen coversby the [[buttocksspanker]]. This can cause additional [[humiliation]] for the [[spankee]], especially in the presence of a [[witness]]. The natural reaction for a [[spankee]] is to cover the exposed areagenitals with their hands., though Itit is common for the [[spanker]] to prohibit this action, under threat of longer or additional [[punishment]].
In [[consensual spanking]] among adults, the physical proximity of the genitals to the [[buttocks]] is one factor that can make a [[spanking]] sexually exciting for the [[spankee]] (see also ''[[sweet spot]]''). The sight of the genital and anal areas can also be a factor in making a spanking sexually exciting to the [[spanker]] because such a sight is usually considered [[erotic]].