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Sculpture of crouching Venus in Uman, Ukraine.

Crouching refers to low poses in which the knees are bent. A knee can also optionally touch the floor, as in kneeling. Also, possibly one or two hands can be touching the ground. A crouching position can be asymmetric or symmetric.

Squatting is a special case of crouching in which the knees do not touch the ground and in which the legs are symmetric.

Sometimes the on-all-fours position is also considered a kind of crouching.

Crouching in sexualityEdit

Nude woman, squatting with spread legs.

Crouching is a possible pose for enemas, for prostate massage and for using anal sex toys on oneself because the pose makes it easy to relax one's anal sphincter. Squatting is also a natural pose for defecation in both genders, and for urination in women.

Squatting with spread legs is sometimes used in BDSM as a slave position.

Squatting is also an element in twerking.

Crouching in spankingEdit

The "schoolgirl" on the left in this vintage spanking photo by Biederer Studio is crouching.

Crouching can also be the pose of a spanker when the spankee is positioned low, such as lying on the floor or on all fours. It is also possible to crouch in order to spank a small person such as a child who is standing, underarm or laid over one knee.

An assisting person can also crouch in order to hold down a spankee, or to mount a spankee on their back for the horsed position.

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