Stacey Rowe

Stacey Rowe is a British spanking actress, active in the 1990s and early 2000s. A blue-eyed blonde with a Welsh accent, sometimes credited as May Snow, she started her career in spanking cinema comparatively late after experience as a glamour model.

Moonglow West was the first studio to present her as a spankee. She acted in four main titles with John Kirwood and they also appear together in several short films later distributed in clip compilations and via the internet. After working with Ivor Gold for Red Stripe around 2000, she expanded her repertoire to include switch roles and carried on making films in a similar style for Bottom Line, a producer whose catalogue has been re-released by Smart Associates and Gaslight Productions.

Stacey Rowe is best known for the series of seven films in which she plays Tara Wentworth, a wealthy, extravagant, and irresponsible wife, who spanks her servants and receives spankings from her husband James.


Films are listed in approximate order of release.

  • Howzat! (Moonglow West, 1994), as Miss May with John Kirwood
  • Silly Millie (Moonglow West, 1995), as Millie, with John Kirwood
  • Uncle Terry’s Naughty Nieces (Moonglow West, 1996), with John Kirwood
  • An October Afternoon (Kane Live Event, 1998), as a schoolgirl, with Clarissa Armstrong & Gillian Taylor
    • US title: Hot Live Canings 1
  • Two More for the Crop (Moonglow West, 1999), as Baroness Bognor, with Mel Penny & John Kirwood
    • Sometimes marketed as Two for the Crop, Part 2
  • Keep It in the Family (Red Stripe, 1999), as Julia, with Ivor Gold
  • A Month in the Country (Red Stripe, 2000), as Aunt Amanda, with Elizabeth Simpson & Ivor Gold
  • Trust Me (Red Stripe, c. 2000), as Mandy, with Ivor Gold & Stephanie
  • Dressing Down (Smart Associates, 2001), as Carol, with Kara-Jayne Dempsey
  • Red Rolls Royce 2 (Bottom Line, 2001), as Tara
  • Lady Penelope’s Folly (Moonglow, 2002), as Lady Penelope, with Lorraine Ansell & Dublin O’Brien
  • Club Corporal – The Punishment Files (Club Corporal, 2002), as Miss Grant
  • Behind the Scenes at Club Corporal (Club Corporal, 2002), as Miss Grant
  • The Headmaster’s Wasp (Bottom Line), as Amelia Grimshaw, with Gina Moon & Yvonne
  • Maid for the Cane (Bottom Line), as Tara, with Yvonne
  • Punishment or Pleasure (Bottom Line), as Tara
  • Tara’s Been Overspending (Bottom Line), as Tara
  • Tara’s Lazy Maids (Bottom Line), as Tara, with Rachel Lloyd & Yvonne
  • Tara’s Naughty Friend (Bottom Line, 2003), as Tara, with Sarah Harvey Lewis
  • Tara’s Been Arrested (Bottom Line), as Tara
  • Classic Canings (Moonglow West, 2004) as Octavia, with Sandra