Vidcap from BDSM stag reel (c. 1967).
Canoe paddle spanking from fetish stag reel (c. 1967).
Vidcap from amateur video, Final Exam (by Jameslovebirch).

Traditionally, a film still is a photograph taken by studio photographers for promotional purposes on or off the set of a movie or television program during production. These photographs are also taken in formal studio settings and venues of opportunity such as film stars' homes, film debut events, and commercial settings.

A vidcap (short for video capture) or screencap (short for screen capture), and also often called still or photo still a is a single picture from a frame of film, digital or video recording. These stills usually have inferior image quality compared to the above mentioned film stills which are full quality photographs.

Stills are often used on websites as previews for video products up for sale such as DVDs, VHS cassettes, or downloadable online videos. Stills from pornographic films and spanking videos are often sold separately from the producer's website. These images are also printed in various adult magazines, especially spanking magazines, usually to cross-promote videos.

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