Striking the legs

A teacher striking the legs of a schoolboy working at the blackboard with a meter rule. Artwork by Davcha.

Striking the legs refers to all forms of corporal punishment where the delinquent's legs are the target of slapping with the hand or striking with an implement.

Typically, only the backs of the legs, i.e. the backs of the thighs and/or the calves, are subjected to corporal punishment. Occasionally the fronts, the outsides and/or insides of the thighs are targetted, but this is mainly found in BDSM.

Thigh-extended spankingsEdit


Externally hosted image on Boyz Being Boyz  Warning:  
A thigh-extended OTK spanking (M/m). Drawing by Comixpank.

For lengthy spankings, the target area can be extended from the buttocks down to the sitspots and thighs. Directly this allows for the spanking to last longer while reducing risk of crossing over from pain to harm like bruising due to repeatedly spanking the same spot. Indirectly it increases the post-spanking tender area which is uncomfortable when sitting. When the spankee is required to wear clothing that leaves at least their upper legs bare (zettai ryōiki), spanking the thighs can add a psychological punishment aspect: hand or implement marks which are visible afterwards add the humiliation of displaying a state of disgrace.

Leg-smacking in western cultureEdit


Externally hosted image on Boyz Being Boyz  Warning:  
A thigh-smacking with the hand (M/m). Drawing by Spanichspank.

The legs can also be the target in their own right of physical chastisement. Leg-smacking is common where bare legs (through clothing like short pants, short skirts or babydoll dresses) are a mark of juvenile status. This makes the legs an inviting target for open palm smacks with at worst minor hem-lifting, but not bottom-baring. In the West this is mostly a small child's punishment, typically only a single or pair of smacks.

The French martinet was often applied on the calves or thighs, for children did not have to disrobe that way—usually just one or two strokes when given on the legs. For a more prolonged punishment, the martinet was applied on the bare buttocks.

Calf-caning in KoreaEdit

In South Korea, unruly children are often smacked or caned on their calves for punishment. In Korean school corporal punishment settings, it seems the delinquent student is often made to stand on a chair or even on a desk so that their calves are at a more convenient height to be caned by the teacher.

Calf-caning seems to play a similar role in South Korea that bottom-spanking has in the West: it can be fetishized. The Web features Korean adult/adult calf-caning spanking photos, both posed and real, where the school punishment is erotically reenacted, usually with a young woman as a "schoolgirl" receiving the punishment. There are also videos of men self-caning their own calves (example on YouTube).

It is not sure if there is a specific word for calf-caning in Korean, but 종아리 체벌 (literally "calf punishment") gives matching results in an image search.


In BDSM play, practically all body parts that are safe to be flogged, caned, or otherwise punished, will be if the partners enjoy it. This also includes the legs. Both the backs, sides and fronts of the thighs are considered safe for impact play. The insides of the thighs are considered sensitive, but also save. The knees and the backs of the knees are considered unsafe. The shins are considered unsafe (only skin and bone, no flesh), and the fleshy parts of the calves are considered safe again.


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