Summer Story Contest

Note: This article is about a writing contest. For other meanings, see SSC.

The Summer Story Contest (or Summer Short Story Contest) or SSC has been an annual tradition on the newsgroup soc.sexuality.spanking, and before that on since 1994. The rules have varied each year, but posters have been encouraged to post many, relatively short, original spanking stories. In most years the size limit has been 500 words.

Generally the stories are divided into categories, but the number and nature of the categories has varied significantly from year to year. In most years, a winner has been determined in each category. The posters, by participating, grant permission for their stories to be reproduced in the contest archive. Many regular posters have written contest entries, as well as some otherwise unknown authors. Most years there have been several hundred entries.


Information on the various incarnations of the SSC:

Number of entries per year

Year Organizer Number of entries
1996 Sparkle 148
1997 Randi 315
1998 DLynn 286
1999 Michele 407
2000 Mr Spraycan 562
2001 Mija 197
2002 Pablo Stubbs 297
2003 Don A. Landhill 270
2004 Pablo Stubbs 230
2005 Mary 158
2006 Kessily 250
2007 98
2008 Domino & Winks 99
2009 Kris 80
2010 Pablo Stubbs 72
2011 John Marks Open